November 21, 2004

Fourth Anniversary Entry

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I just realized that yesterday was my four year anniversary here at d*land. Four years. In honor of this august occasion (Get it? August? Ah, I crack me up), I want to share some of my favorite entries and bits of silliness with you. Hard to believe that four years ago yesterday, in my flying-ant-infested bedroom in our old house in MA, I started an online journal. Even harder to believe I'm writing a four year anniversary entry from bright, sunny Florida.

What a long, strange trip it's been. Here are a few other highlights:

The Move

Part one
Part two
Aph's take on The Move

Halloween Goodness

Bumps in the Night
Dealing with Monsters
The Zombie
Spooky Facts
Exorcism Made Easy
Advice from a Giant Spider

All about Aph

Things that go pee in the night
Aph's New Year's Resolutions
Aph Rocks!
Aph Levitates
How Aph and I met
Adventures in PetCo
Aph and the Mole Cricket

because mspaint is my aeroplane

One Year Banner
Aph Turns 10
On our way to Florida
Haunted Diary
Spook House
Me vs. the Fire Ants
Adventures of the Easter Bunny (I promise to continue this...)
Aph turns 13
Hurricane Summer

I never would have imagined when I first started keeping a journal online that it would lead me to some of the most wonderful, talented, compassionate, silly and amazing people it's ever been my pleasure to know. Y'all know who you are. Life wouldn't be half as much fun without the joy of sharing the silly, sad and sublime with you all. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your lives, and for being a part of mine.

I'm off to work now. Have a great weekend and thank you for reading.

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