October 31, 2001

Fun Facts: Halloween Edition

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Fun Horror Facts!

Ash's car in the Evil Dead trilogy is actually director Sam Raimi's car and he puts it somewhere in all his movies. When Ash opens the trunk in "Army of Darkness" there were no props used. The stuff in there is what Sam Raimi actually had in his trunk!

The line "You're gonna need a bigger boat" wasn't in the script for JAWS. It was an ad lib that turned into the most oft quoted line of the movie!

The makers of an old Italian gore flick "Cannibal Holocaust" used such realistic effects that a judge ordered them to produce the lead actress in court to prove they hadn't actually killed her.

The crowd of Imhotep-chanting zombies in "The Mummy" was a huge group of extras rounded up at the last minute and 'Zombiefied' in only two hours!

In Ireland, you shouldn't look behind you on Halloween night if you hear footsteps because it's said that it's the dead you're hearing and if you turn and face them they'll take you down to the graveyards to join them.

In Scotland, if you stand at a crossroads at midnight on Halloween night a voice will name all those who will meet a gruesome end that year. But if you bring a bit of someone's clothing you can save them from their fate by tossing it into the air when you hear their name.

Bobbing for apples is actually not much fun. You get wet, choke on water and who the heck wants to work that hard for a measly apple to begin with? Now, bobbing for chicken quesadillas... that'd be a whole other story.

Following the movie "The Exorcist" the Catholic church issued a statement confirming that Satan was a real and powerful force for Evil and that exorcisms were still being performed.

Some people claimed that "The Exorcist" caused them to go temporarily insane and/or faint and that they required therapy after viewing it in the theater.

H.P. Lovecraft was the first writer to make reference to The Necronomicon. It is generally agreed that he invented the infamous book of strange rites and demon summoning. However, others claim that he found the actual book itself.

Zombies are regularly reported in Haiti. People who have lost loved ones have found them working mindlessly for no wages in other parts of the country. If they give their undead loved one anything containing salt to eat it breaks the spell and they return to their grave.

Happy Halloween!

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