New Year's Eve!

Aphrodite's New Years Resolutions!

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Aphrodite has decided to share her resolutions with you. She worked hard to decide how she wants to improve herself in the new year. Here they are:

1. I will not wake my Nicole up at 2am AND 3am. One pee emergency a night is plenty.

2. I will try not to fart when we have guests.

3. I will refrain from trying to wash the guinea pig. She does not like this.

4. I will not run through the house, up the stairs and onto my Nicole's bed every time I feel I must throw up.

Here are a few of my resolutions:

1. I will try to understand that it takes a long time to find just the right place to pee.

2 .I will try to stop telling Aph how much I paid for the doggy coat.

3. I will try to believe that dogs cannot fart at will.

4. I will try not to get mad when I roll over in the middle of the night and discover a soggy rawhide chew covered in dog drool is suddenly underneath me and it's owner is growling because she cannot get to it.

Hope you enjoyed those, and we'll both try to keep them in 2001. Have a happy, fun and safe New Year!

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