February 16, 2002

Aphrodite's Story

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A while ago the sweet and talented Mr.b suggested that I write an entry devoted to the day I got Aphrodite. So, I decided to do that tonight.

February 2nd, 1990

A few weeks after my six year old dog, Sandy, had died. I was 14 and a freshman in high school. Ever notice notice how high school smells like sweat socks and despair? The bell rang, to signal the end of another school day and I went outside to find my mom and dad waiting in the car for me. Since I usually walked to and from school, I was surprised. I got in and was about to sit down in the backseat when my dad said "Careful! Don't sit on your puppy!"

There, in a little cardboard box was a tiny apricot puppy. A miniature Poodle. She had a long, string-bean body and the biggest nose I'd ever seen on a puppy. Her mouth was open in a wide doggy grin and she was wiggling all over with joy as I reached down and picked her up. My heart started healing as soon as I held that warm, soft, bundle. I held her close and she overwhelmed me with puppy breath. I held her for the ride home and she peed on my lap.

Aph came with AKC papers showing that her parents and grandparents were Champion show dogs. Aph may not be a show dog, but she won my heart the minute we met. She slept beside my bed until she was big enough to jump up and down on her own. After that she slept beside me, some part of her always touching me, to make sure I was there. Aph's puppyhood was filled with long walks, cuddles and hikes. When she was 9 years old she was diagnosed with diabetes and diabetic cataracts. She comes running, tail wagging furiously, for her twice-daily Insulin injections and the sugar-free dog treats that always follow. She's lost her vision due to the cataracts but has already learned her way around my new place so well that as she cruises around, looking for a good place to nap you'd never guess that she can't see. Or, more to the point, Aph sees with her heart. We grew up together. She's my best friend on four fuzzy feet.

And that's the story of Aphrodite. Have a great night!

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