October 25, 2004

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Ask The Giant Spider!
advice from a wise yet bloodthirsty arachnid.

A chance encounter with a giant spider has led to a partnership. It also led to my left foot being wrapped in a silken cocoon, but that was just a big misunderstanding.

They don't make as many movies about Giant Spiders run amuck these days, so my new friend is out of work. We made a deal. In return for taking care of the kamikaze moth that's been infesting my kitchen for the past week (how long do those damned things live? I put it outside once and it found it's way back in!) I'm going to let him fulfill his lifelong dream of being the 'Dear Abby' of the arachnid world. (Yeah, I know. But his other lifelong dream was to eat a human being with mint jelly...)

So, if you've got any questions about life, love or how to make fly soup, you know where to send 'em!

Ask the Giant Spider a Question!

Have a great night and thanks for reading.

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