January 28, 2004

About Me [Redux]

I'm so damn The current mood of augustdreams at www.imood.com

i am

A Bicentennial baby -April 20,1976-
A redhead
A lucid dreamer
A writer
A survivor
A Horror fan
A blood donor
Five feet tall
Hopelessly perverted
Mama to my pets
A fan of Earthworms
A fan of Dog the Bounty Hunter

i want

To feel peaceful
To be a superhero
Kindness to be the rule, not the exception
A pint of Haagen Dazs chocolate ice cream
You to understand
My dog and best friend Aphrodite back - 15 years with her was not nearly enough. :(
To stay silly
To feel safe
To throw a life preserver to every hand I see waving for help from those dark, cold waters of high school
To be a mama
To cuddle a Penguin
A Skate in a salt-water tank
Bill Waterson to come out of retirement

50 things about me

1. My hair's long enough now that I can sit on the ends. I keep it trimmed to this length, don't know how long it would grow otherwise. But I don't care to be some grainy photograph in the Guiness Book with six feet of hair on the page next to that guy with the foot-long fingernails.

2. My sweet doggy, Aph (short for Aphrodite) was diabetic for the last five years of her life. I gave her insulin injections twice a day and she thrived. If your pet is diagnosed with diabetes please don't let any vet discourage you from taking on the responsibility of their care. It is NOT difficult to manage. You can have more years with your best friend. Don't let diabetes or fear or treating it steal those years from you. I'm here for any help/advice/moral support you might need. And that includes buying insulin and needles if you have an emergency. I mean that.

3. I didn't learn to tell time until I was 10 years old. I'm dyslexic with numbers, but not letters. I've mostly overcome that by checking numbers very carefully when I use them.

4. I love good and bad horror movies of all kinds.

5. Clowns creep me out.

6. I'm addicted to Coffee and Sunkist Orange Soda.

7. I've always been called an old soul.

8. I believe in ghosts.

9. I love watching Blue's Clues. (The old episodes, with Steve. Joe is merely a pretender to the throne. I miss Steve's bad Elvis impersonations.)

10. I like masturbating in the shower.

11. I like Snakes. I volunteer at a zoo so that I can spend time with my scaly friends.

12. I wonder about poop. What does Dragonfly poop look like? Do Spiders poop? All God's creatures got an anus!

13. I wear glasses to read.

14. I write bad fanfic.

15. I've recently gotten back into the bdsm scene and oh my holy ever loving cow. It was like coming home again. *sniff* To me, romance can be rose petals and soft music or handcuffs and clothespins.

16. I look much younger than I am.

17. I'm very close to my mom. She's one of my best friends. We have a whole repertoire of private jokes and different "voices" we talk in. We crack ourselves up.

18. The media's portrayal of emaciated women as the only form of beauty disgusts me. Women, of every shape and size, are beautiful. Period.

19. I rarely wear a bra.

20. I never wear underwire bras - there are plenty of places where bits of metal should lurk. Beneath my breasts is not one of them.

20. I love to daydream.

21. I adore books and reading. I am constantly reading at least one book.

22. When I was little, I never wanted candy or toys as a treat. I wanted books. I had all the "Little Golden" books. My mom read to me even before I was born.

23. I love Rob Zombie. His music, movies and artwork. I met him once and he's a really nice guy. That said, I'd also do him in a heartbeat. Heh.

24. There are two tattoos that I want. My beautiful girlfriend Miranda is a designer. As soon as I make it out to the UK to see her I'll get them.

25. Until I was 20, I wanted to be an FBI agent. I'm four inches too short for the height requirement for women. Also, somewhere along the line I developed a serious aversion to the idea of people shooting at me.

26. People who know me now usually assume I was little miss cool and perky in high school. Wah-hahaha! *SNORT* I was a total misfit. Hell, I still am. The only difference is now I like it.

27. I eat raw cookie dough. Screw Salmonella and the horse it rode in on.

28. I love having my hair brushed. Brush my hair and I will love you forever.

29. As a wee one, I took a bath every night. I had toy boats and little people and would play in the water for hours.

30. I have a book on constitutional law. When I have bad flashbacks or nightmares in the middle of the night, I turn on the lights and read it. It soothes me. Weird, eh?

31. I love it when my pets or any critter fall asleep in my lap. I'm so honored and touched by their trust.

32. I feel the same way about friends sleeping with their head on my lap. It makes me feel very protective.

33. I won't go into convenience stores at night. I'm afraid I'll walk in on a robbery.

35. My favorite alcoholic drinks are Bahama Mama, Bloody Mary, Tequila Sunrise or Sunset and Drambuie. Favorite non-alcoholic are Orange Soda, Flavored water, Root Beer and Orange Kool-Aid.

36. I wrote a book on the history of horror films. Which means I got to pop some popcorn, watch Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Killer Klowns from Outer Space... and call it research!

37. People I work with often tell me very personal things about themselves when we first meet. I must look like I can keep a secret.

38. I love being naked.

39. I can ice skate very well, but I can't roller skate at all. What are the odds?

40. I believed in Santa Claus until the ripe old age of 12.

41. "The Family Circus" makes me want to claw my own eyes out. Will sombody please forcibly retire that guy? He hasn't been funny for at least twenty years.

42. I liked "Howard the Duck" and to hell with the critics. It's not as if "The Piano" or "Shine" were really all that great. I think Evil Overlords and talking Waterfowl make any movie better. Picture "True Lies". Okay, now picture it with an anthropomorphic, wisecracking Duck and an Evil Overloard. See what I mean?

43. When I was four years old I tried to dig a hole to China. I had a suitcase packed with underpants and some cookies for the new friends I was sure I'd make.

44. Those Army Ants that exist in the Amazon rainforest piss me off. They're just way too cocky for something with an exoskeleton.

45. I don't like driving. I'll do it to get from Point A to Point B but it makes me really tense and stressed out.

46. Writing is my passion. It's cool water when I'm burning. It's safety when I'm frightened. It's my scream when I can't be heard and my whisper when I must confide

47. I think Donny and Marie Osmond are a crime against humanity. They creep me the fuck out. Same for Rosie and Oprah.

48. I'd like to see Scrappy Doo and Cousin Oliver from the Brady Bunch in a cage match to the death. Winner gets eaten by radioactive Gorillas. That way, everybody wins!

49. I love old Abbot and Costello movies.

50. I met my beautiful LDG through our online journals. She's the love of my life, and my best friend. She has the key to my worlds and the key to my heart.

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