October 10, 2004


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Happy October! That Monty Pythonesque critter you see above is a Manticore. Click on the picture to read more about it. There are a few things the article failed to mention, however. But we here are Augustdreams are dedicated to bringing you the best in all things spooktacular. You can find mention of the Manticore in a zoology book written in the 1500's - according to the author, they lived in India. His account of them was based on the testimony of sailors, world travelers and scientists of the time. Manticores practiced anthropophagy, which is a fancy world for eating people! You wouldn't want to run into one of these things on a dark night. They grew to the size of a horse and fed exclusively on human flesh. They chewed their gruesome repast with three rows of sharp, pointed teeth.

Stay tuned for the next spooky entry on... chinless ghosts! Have a good night and thanks for reading.

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