April 02, 2002

Aphrodite's Adventure in PetCo

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Since I'm on a nostalgia kick lately, who remembers these things:

Monchichi (What the hell were those things, anyway? Mutant monkeys???)

Mr. T cereal (I pity the fool who never tried it!)


The smell of PlayDoh

Silly Putty

Aphrodite woke up cuddly today. She's been wanting to sit on my lap every time I sit down. Did I ever tell you about the time she ran amuk on PetCo? That was a great pet store we had back up in MA where you could bring your pets in the store! Usually, I put Aph in the cart but once she was getting really restless so I let her walk alongside me. She's amazing at that, especially considering she's blind. She can always tell exactly where I am and follow along. I got distracted by the Guinea pig treats and didn't notice Aph had wandered a few feet away from me. I didn't feel her fuzzy self right beside me (she usually leans on one of my legs whenever we're not walking) so I turned to look for her.

There she stood, eating cheese flavored doggy treats off the bottom shelf, crunching away for all she was worth! "Aph!" I cried, going over to scoop her up. She tried to look suitably ashamed but her tail betrayed her by wagging. I looked around guiltily, wondering if I'd be charged for my dog's little indiscretion. (Wouldn't have been the first time an *ahem* indiscretion Aph commited had gotten me in trouble, but it usually involves things coming out of, rather than going into, her digestive system. I shant elaborate.) Fortunately, either nobody had seen or they didn't mind. Still, I felt the need to purchase an extra large bag of sugarfree doggy cookies to asuage my guilty conscience... which may have been her plan all along.

Have a great day!

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