20 October 2009

All ya need is love... bum ba da da da...

I'm so damn The current mood of augustdreams at www.imood.com

I want to get back in the groove. How about instead of feeling bad that I've neglected this journal for so long I do brief entries, but more often?

...and who the hell am I writing this to?

Myself? I guess.

There's so much going on. Too much to spill across the virtual page in a brief(ish) entry.

I love many (yes, the "amoury" bit of polyamoury is extremely important to me. I'm not JUST about the whips, canes and good sex) but so in love with the one who's hardest to confess it to... and isn't that always the way? Life would be so much less complicated if I felt all those wonderful/awful/burning/brilliant feelings for the one with whom the 'I love you''s come so easily. Why must I feel all of that for the only one who ever makes me nervous/uncertain/insecure?


It's because he ALSO makes me feel so fucking amazingly happy/giddy/loved/warm/lusty/wonderful.

Is anyone still reading? I still keep up with your diaries... I'm just guilty of not commenting as often as I should. I'll try to remedy that.

Halloween entry coming soon(ish)

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