October 07, 2003

Aphrodite and the Mole Cricket

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Happy October! It's spook season! I can smell the pumpkins and hear dry leaves scratching across the sidewalk.

Remember going out trick or treating when you were small, and the way your breath would condense on the inside of a mask so it got uncomfortably moist and hot inside? And the smell of those paints you used on your face? To me, they smelled like crayons. Remember feeling brave inside your disguise? Feeling big and scary? Remember being annoyed at those sick bastards who handed out mini-boxes of raisins? Or even worse, the ones who would give you toothpaste! Not to mention the old ladies who would put a shiny penny in your sack.

In other news, Aph had an adventure. One of the beasties native to Florida is the Mole Cricket. They're a very pale tan, with wicked looking pincers and red eyes. They look like vampire crickets. No shit! They're a well-known pest around here, and they've been eating everyone's lawn from the roots up. I've been seeing them lurching around after a rain and they used to repulse me. Thanks to Aph, I no longer feel that way. She was out having a pee when she sniffed one. She poked it with her nose and...it hopped! Just like a regular cricket. Then it stopped, turned it's head, and looked to see if she was still there. They made such an endearing sight. Every time Aph prodded it with her nose, it would hop once and then look over it's shoulder. They kept it up for a good five minutes. I can't look at them the same way now, and I'm sorry for the ones I've seen people step on and swat. God help me, I think I'm starting to like the little guys. It was only a matter of time, eh? However, I still stand firm on my the-only-good-fire-ant-is-a-dead-fire-and theory.

Have a great day and thanks for reading.

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