September 17, 2005

Writing Life

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Writing life. That phrase fits perfectly. There is such a think as "the" writing life. If you're joining me here with coffee breath, if you've been working on a book, article or story for hours, perhaps even under a deadline (whether self or editor/agent-imposed), if you grew up with a callous on the middle finger of your dominant hand because you spent so many hours with your pen or pencil resting there as your poured the words onto the pages, if you traded that callous in for carpal tunnel syndrome... well, then welcome friend. You already understand the writing life.

But it has another meaning too. What are we doing, when we write, if not writing life? My current project is a non-fiction book, and I've actually published more articles and essays than I have short stories. But fiction is where my heart truly lies. Building worlds with words gives me an indescribable high.

I wanted to gather my entries on writing and put them together here to celebrate writing life.

Writing Life

What you love by Augustdreams

Writing by Augustdreams

Words by Augustdreams

Dream by Augustdreams

Sanity by The Pumpkin Queen

Flying by The Pumpkin Queen

The Dam Bursts by The Pumpkin Queen

Have a kick-ass day and thanks for reading.

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