02 January 2006

For my Miranda

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Welcome, 2006. It's good to see you.

In spite of all the heartbreak that 2005 contained, it was also another year that I spent with my best friend, lover and the beautiful other half of my soul. My Miranda. Sweetheart, you brought light into every dark day. You made the good times shine brighter than the sun, and you kept the bad times from drowning me. No matter where 2006 takes us, it will take us there together. Thank you for sharing another year of your life with me. I'd raise a glass of red wine in toast to all the years we have ahead of us, but seeing as I'm on prescription narcotics at the moment I think that would be a bad idea! Nobody wants an entry written under the influence and including pictures of me naked with a lampshade on my head. (Well, okay. Some Google searchers seem to want that. But they also want smurf porn and toothless hicks!)

I'm a writer. Words are the fabric of my soul. But sometimes music speaks for me when my words just can't seem to express what my heart wants to say. So this song is dedicated to you, sweetheart:

The worst of 2005 was losing my Aphrodite. But my sweet, wonderful Cat has kept my heart cradled in her hands and kept me from going crazy or fearing that I already was while the sadness of losing my Aph was drowning me. Thank you so much for that and for the gift of your friendship. We'll still be friends when we're crazy old ladies who talk to cats that aren't there!

And my Pirate managed to make me feel, in spite of the distance between us, like I was wrapped up in a warm hug. He stayed on the phone with me for hours the night Aph was dying. Anytime there's troubled waters I know I'll see his pirate ship riding to the rescue.

And speaking of rescue, my adopted big sister keeps half of diaryland afloat with the strength of her friendship and love alone. Everyone who is blessed enough to know her has something to be thankful for.

Sometimes though, what you really need is a trip to the zoo. My Candoor and I know that sometimes what you need the most is to look at monkeys. What more can I say? We're little kids at heart and it's nice to hang out with someone who knows you're just faking all this grown-up stuff and what you really want is to go out and play.

I wish I could thank every single d*lander who has touched my life this year. And I will, honest. It just might take me a few more entries. Never forget that you are loved and appreciated.

Happy New Year and thanks for reading.

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