08 January 2006

First lines

I'm so damn The current mood of augustdreams at www.imood.com

I got this meme through my kick-ass Goingloopy, who got it from our beloved Clarity:

The Month Meme

How it works: Put in the first sentence of your first entry for each month of the year that just passed.

note: The lack of a line for May and July is not a typo. I had to do some diary housecleaning for the sake of my mental health. Those months were too full of pain to remain.

"I picked some clover for Woodstock yesterday and got that great shot of her munching her way through it."

"So somebody left a plastic bag full of Lionel Richie tapes on my doorstep - is that some sort of obscure mafia warning?"

"What's wrong with the world?"

"How come a pair of socks goes into the washing machine and only one comes out?"

"Aph turned 14 years old today."


"I was so happy to find out that my pirate is okay."

"Not much change of season around here."

"Although we haven't yet even come upon Thanksgiving (as is evident by the lack of me consuming way too many cold turkey sandwiches and thus swearing off the misbegotten bird for at least another year), I'm already feeling the Christmas spirit."

"It's a new month, and while the hurt never goes away, I think it reduces in time."

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