April 28, 2003

Love, sweet love

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I had a wonderful weekend. There are times when I want to grab that man, drag him off to a Vegas wedding, and just set up a tent on the beach and live there forever.

We had a conversation I've been dreading. There are certain things I can't stand having done or said to me when I'm being sexual. They trigger bad memories and it turns all that lovely passion I'm feeling into ice water. That's actually a very apt description - it feels like a chunk of ice in my stomach. It's hard to talk about. I always feel that knowing details will make someone I'm attracted to think I'm disgusting somehow.

Mr. Right brought goodies for the pets. They really like him. The way to their hearts is most definitely through their stomachs, and one way to my heart is being sweet to my fuzzy ones.

Have a good night and thanks for reading.

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