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This song has been running through my mind mercilessly. It's horrible. I may go insane. Here, let me share it with you:

Users are losers
and losers are users
So don't use drugs
Don't use drugs
If you know a user
even part of the time
Tell them to quit
Take a bite out of crime

I think all of us who grew up in the 80's recognize that little tune. And remember the commercial where R2D2 catches C3P0 smoking a cigarette. He's so disappointed! I'm glad C3P0 came to his senses. He could have gone down that slippery slope into harder drugs. Next thing ya know he's bitch slapping Luke and demanding money for crack. Then he's trying to sell R2 on eBay.

I really enjoy this time of night. It's after midnight and my house is quiet and still. Aph is lying on her blanket, snoring lightly and woof-ing in her sleep. What does she dream? Woodstock is dozing on my lap. My thoughts are like a radio signal on a clear night. They come flowing out with ease, no static to distract or overpower them. I'm calm inside myself.

It's funny how the littlest things you do sometimes bring great rewards. I sent a card to a friend and received the sweetest letter in return. He said my card really touched him, and made his day. I think we all build our own chains as we live. Some links are strong as steel. Others are weak and damaged. Anytime you reach out to another person, you forge another link. A solitary chain alone will never have the strength and complexity as one which is linked to the chain of another.

Have a good night and thanks for reading.

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