18 March 2006


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People can really surprise you sometimes. I got in 53 hours at work last week. 40 hours of straight time with the rest being OT gravy. I now have the next four days off. My body chose to celebrate by coming down with Bronchitis. Not a problem since for once I could afford to pick up the prescriptions for antibiotics and an inhaler. I would have liked to put off taking strong antibiotics again - I end up with resistant strains of strep when I do that too often. But just breathing right now makes my chest hurt so I figure they're necessary this time.

I had made arrangements to start paying off the outrageous amount of money I still owe to the good folks who provide me with my phone and DSL. But my health insurance goes into effect NINE DAYS from now. So the doctor visit and all the goodies meant to combat the Bronchitis wiped me out.

The first person I spoke to was the rudest asshole it has ever been my distinct displeasure to encounter. They were going to shut me off. Today. Right now. And he informed me that I am clearly a liar since I had promised full payment today and such payment was not forthcoming. I can't possibly convey what an all-out bastard this guy was. If you've ever heard the phrase "his voice dripped contempt" then rest assured that it's not an exaggeration. I'm still trying to get the stains off my telephone. (Anybody know if Windex removes contempt? Perhaps some Club Soda...)

I managed not to curse him out until after I'd hung up the phone. I called back in the slim hope of talking to someone who would be willing to accept what payment I can afford to make today. The next person I spoke to was friendly, warm and genuinely understanding. He said he's lived paycheck-to-paycheck more than once in his life and that the last thing you need when you hit a rough patch is doors slammed in your face. He took the payment I could afford today and made arrangements for the remaining balance that I can easily afford.

A telephone is a luxury item, really. You can certainly survive without it. But right now, it's my connection to D. And while I could live without my computer, this attractive black machine that sits atop my desk is so much more than it seems. It's the way that my words reach my Miranda, and my heart travels with those words. It's the way that I share in your lives, and share mine with you. It's the way that I'm able to hold onto people who are too far away in miles to be held in my arms.

Someone who had nothing to gain from it helped me today, and went above and beyond what he had to do as my service provider. His small kindness meant so much more to me than he's likely to realize. And that kindness came at a time when the world felt much too cold. May that kindness come back to him a thousandfold. And maybe I'm crazy or the fever's gotten a little too high, but I think I caught a glimpse of Aph in all of this. I'm almost sure I felt the breeze of a tail-wag.

Have a great weekend and thank you for reading.

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