15 March 2006


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I still miss Aph so much. Not sure why it hit me so hard today. I got home from work and went into my bedroom to change. The empty space where her pillows and Snoopy blanket used to be broke my heart. It suddenly feels like I lost her yesterday.

Things have been so frantic lately I don't even think I wrote about not being able to keep Minerva. She was a good, sweet puppy. But hyperactive and destructive to the extreme. We found a great adoptive home for her and last I heard she's loved and doing great. She just wasn't meant to be my dog. I'll keep looking.

It's a good thing I'm working so many hours lately. Our landlord had been fighting cancer for months. We all liked him, and we helped him out when he needed someone to do yardwork or needed a ride to Chemotherapy. He told us that he'd make sure we always had a place to live. He passed away about three weeks ago.

Last week, we found out his wife was planning to sell the house out from under us. She told us we had 30 days to be out. As if we can afford to move. To call this woman a spiteful bitch is to seriously understate the truth.

However, we're lucky enough to be related to a really great guy, my cousin Steve. He started his own auto repair business a couple years ago and it's doing really well. So he's buying the house. And we'll make monthly payments to him. And there's not a damn thing the Wicked Witch of the South can do about it.

Everything's going much too fast for me lately. I wish life had a pause button. I want to stop right here for a while. Drinking my raspberry iced tea. Feeling warm breezes blowing in from the window and drying the tears I'm still crying for Aph. Feeling Foof's tiny feet walking around on top of my head (her favorite place to perch) and looking forward to talking to D. tonight. I'd just like to stay right here for a while. But life always moves forward... roly-poly, pell-mell, tumble-bumble. This diary has been a constant in my life for over five years now. I'm so grateful for that - and for all of YOU.

Have a good night and thanks for reading.

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