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With my fellow Mummy fan in mind, I created a new diaryring for those of us who root for the (hot) bad guys. Feel free to join.

In other news, while driving downtown this afternoon my mom and I came across a rather odd sight. You know those gigantic balloon-type creations used car lots put up in an effort to peddle their wares? Usually something like a giant, purple Gorilla? Hmmm. I guess nothing says Great Deals on Quality Merchandise! quite like an enormous, inflatable primate.

Anyway, there was one of those in front of a tourist-y hotel. Only it wasn't a Gorilla. It was Elvis. Filled with air and roughly 30 feet high. Hail to the King, baby. It's a weird, weird world.

Have a good night and thanks for reading. Apologies for the micro-mini-entry. Still not feeling great.
Post Script: Will somone please tell me how a giant, inflatable Elvis is supposed to make people want to stay for the night? Also, I once saw one of the many, many used car places put up a giant, orange Octupus. Now that's just silly. I mean, a purple primate, naturally. But orange Octopi? Frankly, I'm shocked.

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