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Man. I feel like I was eaten by Godzilla, digested, pooped out, and stomped on. I had some food poisoning. Don't ever come to Orlando and eat at the "Chinese and Sea Food Buffet" It was bad enough that I went ot the ER. I was sitting beside an elderly woman in the waiting room. She seemed very normal. Then her cell phone rang and she spoke.

"What? Yes, I'm in the emergency room. What? Oh, I can't lift my head. (her head was bent down, her chin almost on her chest) Haven't been able to for three days! And there's worms in my neck! They're heading for my brain, I can feel them crawling around and pulsating. What? Yes! They pulsate. I think they're in my brain now. I've decided to have it looked at."

I'm sitting there, waiting for this woman's eyes to turn blood red, for her to look over at me and say, in a deep baritone, "WE ARE YOUR NEW OVERLORDS!" To which I'd have replied "Your will is my command, master." (Hey, he who fakes subservience and runs away...)

I feign interest in a brochure on Prostate exams, hoping they'll call one of us in to the exam room real soon. Especially since one of us may burst open at any moment and release alien parasites which will shriek and scurry about looking for suitable new host bodies. (Or have I seen too many horror movies?)

I was called in first, so I never got to see what happened to her. Needless to say, should my entries begin to describe the glory awaiting us all as slaves in the salt mines, or the joys of hosting our new leaders inside our brains as pulsating worms, please assume I have become one of Them and act accordingly.

Have a great day and...keep watching the skies!!! (thanks for reading, too.)

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