Saturday February 24 2001

War of the Ladybugs

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Finally saw "The Exorcist" last night. I was impressed. I do feel the need to point out the part where Linda Blair's head does it's first 180 to look over at the actress playing her mother and asks her "Do you know what she did?" You know the part I mean? The odd thing is she says it in a British accent. Is she suddenly possessed by one of the Beatles? I like that fact that the movie relied more on atmosphere than gore.

Ugh. WHY do I still have a buttload of ladybugs in my bedroom? Aren't the little abominations supposed to hibernate? I think I was very fair with them at the beginning of the Ladybug War. I offered the following peace treaty:

Ladybugs are allowed on the windowsill or around light fixtures. Ladybugs are not allowed in my bed, in my chair or on my computer. Very reasonable, no?

They disappeared for a few weeks. I thought they'd finally given up. I was wrong. Probably they all went out carousing, getting all liquored up, snorting flower pollen. Now they're crawling around like a cheeful little plague. One on it's own is cute. A freaking thousand of them is NOT. I'm going shopping on Monday for some products that smell really bad and have warning labels. I'm willing to suck some DDT for the cause. It's Ladybug Armageddon, baby.

Have a good night.

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