Tuesday February 20 2001


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As a little sprout I loved The Smurfs, never missed an episode. They do, however, leave many, many questions unanswered.

Remember Gargamel? What kind of a wizard was he (she?) I mean, there were a buttload of smurfs but they lived in mushrooms for crying out loud!C'mon. You're telling me a few well-placed ant cups wouldn't have solved Gargamel's smurf problems?

Theirs was an odd society, almost cult-like the way they'd line up in rows to hear Papa Smurf speak from atop a mushroom. You half expected them to break out their lighters and sway.

And as long as I'm traipsing down Nostalgia Avenue, remember those 80's cartoons that were really just half-hour commercials? My Little Pony. Glo-worm. Gummy Bears. Gummy Bears! A cartoon based on the antics of anthropomorphized candy! (Those evil things adhered to your teeth like cement! They've got to be a close cousin to the chocolate part of Ice Cream Sandwiches...)

In other news, I started a new job. PT in a clinic. Mostly filing, a little actual medical stuff. Getting vital signs and all that. I get two weeks of paid training, which is nice. I'd still like to take over the world, but It's good to have something to fall back in case the whole Supervillian thing doesn't pan out.

Have a great day

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