Thursday March 1 2001

Hard World

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I'm going to see Vertical Limit this weekend with Richie, Dave and Rick. They all share a house in Boston. We refer to it as THE Boston house. They are really great friends and genuinely nice guys. In the summer we have parties there and lie out on the roof looking at the stars after everyone else has gone. It's really nice... makes me wish it was summer right now. Makes me realize there are people I'm going to miss when I move to Florida this summer.

Dave's paying. He's got the best paying job out of the four of us. He's also in...*gasp!* law school. Yep. Our own Dave, a future lawyer. So if you see him driving around Boston don't rear-end him! Heh.

I joined the Adopt-a-family program. I was dropping off some financial aid paperwork at my college and I saw the poster for the program. I read one of the sheets and it listed what the children, mom and dad in the family would like. I don't know why but when I read that the father would like some fishing magazines and a shirt I started crying. I don't know why that hit me so hard. I just wanted to go out and buy him ten comfy, thick, warm flannel shirts, a tacklebox filled with fishing stuff and a subscription to every fishing magazine in existence. I just stood in the hall, leaning on the wall and crying. This world hurts too much, sometimes.

Damn. I was sneezing and hacking all through my shift at work today. Have I mentioned how thrilled I am with my decision to not get a flu shot this year? Take care and have a good night.

"Christmas. It's not the giving. It's not the getting. It's the loving." ~Garfield

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