07 June 2006

Fuck the GOP

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WASHINGTON - The Senate rejected a constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage by a wide margin Wednesday, delivering a stinging defeat to President Bush and other Republicans who had hoped the issue would rally GOP voters for the November elections.

First off, let me hear a WOO-HOO! that this didn't pass. The fact that people weren't willing to vote for something so clearly wrong restores a bit of my faith in humankind.

But leaving aside the results of the vote, I really must vent. What the hell is wrong with those idiots!? How can anyone be so full of hate and intolerance? If it wasn't for love and sex, none of these self-serving wastes of DNA would exist in the first place. How can you be against love!? And aren't they always claiming that gay people are promiscuous (however ridiculous and untrue that statment may be)? Yet they were hoping to keep them from being legally married. Even by their own digusting standards, that seems rather counterproductive to me.

It makes me so angry that they would dare to try and twist the Constitution to suit their own hateful purposes. The Constitution belongs to the fucking people, man. It was created to protect our rights, not to allow the government to deny us them.

While we are both in relationships with men and don't wish to be legally married, it just so happens that I'm in love with a woman. She and I love, support and encourage each other and I believe that our love is as beautiful and natural as the love that exists between any two people who share it, no matter what their genders.

You want something to rally behind? How about rallying behind these words: Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of happiness. Last time I checked, those words didn't only apply to heterosexuals.

There's already more than enough hate in this world. Deflate your egos, pull your heads out of your Grand Old Asses and for once try doing something to make this world a better place rather than a worse one. Ya jerks.

Have a good night and thanks for reading.

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