June 10, 2002

Prenuptial Booty Call

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An you can take the pity so far
But it's more than I can stand
'Cause this couchtrip's gettin older
Tell me how long has it been
'Cause 5 years is forever
And you haven't grown up yet
Guns 'N Roses - You Could be Mine

So what's the deal with the Prenuptial Booty Call? I know this phenomenon exists. It's happened to me twice, and to the majority of my girlfriends. I'll bet it's happened to you, too. Definition time!

Pre·nup·tial Boo·ty Call [Pronunciation: prE-'nup-chü-ul 'bü-tE 'kol]:
Function: noun, verb
Date: 21st Century
1 a : A call received from ones' ex-boyfriend who is engaged to be married, asking one if one would like to engage in some sort of carnal pleasure before his upcoming marriage.

1 b: To place a call to ones' ex-girlfriend after becoming engaged, to ask if she'd like to engage in carnal pleasure before you become legally wed.

Remember folks, you heard it here first. AugustDreams: Making your life better, one odd new phrase at a time.

Sweet dreams, d*land.

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