May 12 2001

Return of Costa

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I just got a call from a guy I dated for a summer when I was 21. Costa. He's sweet, gorgeous, sexy. He used to sing to me and call me Sunshine.

While we were still dating, I overheard him talking to a friend and he shared some things that should definitely have stayed just between the two of us. It hurt. It's a big part of why we broke up.

When I heard his voice on the phone just now I immediately started grinning like an idiot. He's got something. Charisma. Mojo. Something. We're going out to eat at the Homestead next Friday, to catch up. I'll let you know what happens. I'd really like some romance right now. Or even a few cheap thrills. Heh. And Costa has always appealed to the cheap thrill seeker in me. I don't want to jump straight into a relationship with him again. Of course, that's easy to say. It's a lot harder to put into practice. I have a soft spot in my head for that boy.

Have a lovely evening.

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