One on One

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I went into work for a few hours earlier this evening. They called me in to do one on one with a suicide attempt in the ER. One on one means somone from the nursing staff sits beside a person who is a danger to themselves to keep an eye on them, talk to them if they want to talk and keep them under control as best we can. They may or may not be in restraints depending on how out-of-it they are and/or how violent.

I feel so bad for this girl. She took some things that could easily have ended her life. Fortunately she changed her mind soon afterwards and brought herself to the ER where they pumped her stomach. She was still far too under the influence to talk so I spent my time there trying to keep her from pulling out her IV, undressing and climbing out of her bed. She was small but really strong.

One on one is not my favorite assignment. I have problems with panic attacks. I'm wiped out now so I'm going to grab my nightly mug of hot chocolate and the book I'm currently reading and hit the sack.

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