...and so it begins...

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I can't believe I'm starting an online journal. Why is the idea of other people reading about your personal life so appealing? I think this will be a good way to de-stress and much easier to keep hidden than my old journals in high school. (You know the trick...stuffed under the 'ole mattress!)


Name: Nicole

Age: 24 (as of November, 2000)

Location: In my own little world, baby.

Occupation: Writer, CNA, student

Loves: My dog Aphrodite, my guinea pig Woodstock, my friends, my mom *smile*, Sunkist Orange Soda, monkeys, Legos.

HATES: Bastards (and who know who you are! All of ya! Bastards! Sons of bitches! Dildooooes!)

This is a little like the first time I got sexual with a guy. A little scary, a little thrilling, a little messy. Only this time I won't have to make awkward small talk tomorrow morning while trying to find my bra.

*over and out*

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