March 16, 2004

Uhh huh huh huh testes. testes. 1, 2, 3... is this thing on?

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Uhhh huh huh huh Whoa! This is cool. We, like, hacked this Nicole chick's diary and now we're writing in it. Uhh huh huh in her diary, that is.

Yeah, yeah, yeah! Diary! Diarrry... diarrhea! Diarrhea! Heh heh heh heh

Shut up, Bunghole. Uhhh so like, my name is Butthead. And this fartknocker sitting next to me is Beavis. We're, like, really hot, uhh just in case any chicks are reading this. And we like to do it. Huh huh I said "do it."

Whoa! Hey, Butthead! Check it out! It says in here this chick's bisexual!

Cool! Uhhh so, like, Nicole... wanna... you know.... Uh huh huh huh huh. Come to Butthead.

Shut up, dillhole! I saw her first!

Beavis, don't make me kick your ass. So uhhh do any of you hot diaryland girls want to meet Senor Butthead's big snake? Huh huh huh

You've got a snake? That's cool! How come you never showed it to me, Butthead? I thought you just had that pet monkey you're always spanking. Heh heh hmm heh

Shut up, buttwipe! I'm trying to score. Anyway, I'm talking about my trouser snake. Uhh huh huh huh

Oh. Ohh, yeah. Me, too.

Beavis, nobody wants to see your snake. Not even, like, that one chick at the beach who had all that hair on her back wanted to see it.

That chick was a dude. He had big thingies though... it was, like, confusing. It was false advertising or something.

Huh huh huh Beavis, you can't even score with a chick who's a dude!

Shut up, buttmunch! Heh heh heh

Uhhh Nicole likes to write and stuff. She's, like, an arthur or something. Only her book doesn't have any pictures of people doing it or even, like, words about doing it. So, like, I probly won't read it. Books suck. Huh huh huh

I don't know, Butthead. Some books are pretty cool. Like that one book about that curious George dude. And that guy with the yellow hat. Those books are pretty good.

Beavis, you're the biggest butt monkey I know.

And, like, that one book, about that poky puppy dude? Pell mell tumble bumble! Heh heh heh heh that book rules! And that poky puppy is pretty damn smart cause he just keeps finding a way to dig under that fence. It's, like, a lesson or something, for little kids. No matter how many times some asswipe builds a fence around you, you can still find a way to tunnel under it. You just have to keep trying. Heh heh heh It's, like, uplifting.

Beavis, what the hell are you talking about?

Oh. heh heh sorry about that. Heh heh hmm heh

Uhhh anyway, you should read this diary cause, like, Nicole will probly get naked sometime and, like, you don't want to miss that. Plus she might write about being naked and, like, what clothes she's not wearing. Huh huh that would be cool.

Yes! Yes! Heh heh That would rule!

Uhh she always writes, like, have a good day, bunghole, and thanks for reading. Only she should write how she's naked cause that would be a lot cooler. She could just, like, end every entry by writing about how she's naked and she can look down and see her own boobs. Uhh huh huh

Yeah! Heh heh heh Or she could write that she wants to do it with us.

She doesn't want to do it with you, butthole. She wants to do it with me!

No, way! You said her book sucked!

Dammit Beavis, I said all books suck! But if she'd, like, only do it with me if I read her book then I'd, like, make that sacrifice or something.

Yeah, really. Maybe she'll write a book about her boobs. Heh heh heh Boi-oi-oi-oing!

Come on, Beavis. We've got to get out of here.

What? No way, Butthead! We haven't even scored yet!

You dumbass. If she knows we hacked her computer she'll be all pissed off. But if we, like, just leave now, she'll think Whoa! Who, like, wrote in my diary? Maybe it was this really hot guy and I should call him. Especially if his name is butthead.

Oh. Ohhhh, yeah. heh heh Like, have a good night and stuff, and thanks for reading. Unless you didn't read. Then you're just a bunghole. Bunghole.

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