Thursday February 8 2001

Let me play among the stars...

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Isn't the Universe amazing? Do you ever stop and think how while we're all living our lives, caught up in the drama and mundanities of living day to day, our planet is spinning on it's axis and orbiting the sun? Floating blue and green and beautiful in all that endless starry darkness. Our family, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are dancing with our Earth. Uranus spins on it's side. I learned that from watching Blue's Clues. All that space. Endless. Who knows what else is out there? How arrogant and small-minded to be certain that we are the only life in the vast Universe. Sometimes it lonely being human, isn't it? I like to think we're not alone.

Aliens are still without solid proof, but we do have our moon. Our silver companion. Always nearby. Sometimes it looks so far away that you can hardly believe people have ever walked on it's surface. And sometimes it looks so close you feel as if you could climb a mountain and whisper your secrets while it shimmered and you basked in it's welcoming glow. I feel a strange affection for the moon. I always have.

The stars. Space would be so cold and dark without the stars. With them it almost beckons you, makes you want to fly up and explore. Makes you wish we could breathe up there. Just us. No fancy equipment. Just us and the stars (and maybe a sleeping bag and a rubber ducky). The world is so full of wonder.

Have a good night, thanks for reading.

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