05 December 2005

Christmas Cards

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I need addresses for Christmas cards, people. Found the perfect ones today. Also, I just read that one of the best, most healing things to do after losing a fuzzy friend is to write yourself a letter from your pet. I thought this was a weird thing to do, but it turns out my instincts were right.

In other news, Aph's death has rather overshadowed everything else going on in my life but I did get the job at Applebees. I needed something full time with health insurance and benefits. Working per diem barely pays the cost of my transportation. The job starts January 2nd, just a few days after I get home from visiting my beautiful girl in England.

Working at the restaurant full time, I'll be able to move into the studio apartment I fell in love with by (hopefully) February. Not to mention I'll be ably to buy or adopt a puppy.

As I told Gumpy recently, within the space of a few months I lost my job, my fiancee and my fuzzy best friend. All I need is a glass of beer and a really big belt buckle and my life will officially be a country western song. But you know, I still wouldn't trade it for anything. I'm still standing. And I'll keep on standing. Like everyone else, I get by with a little help from my friends.

Have a great day and thanks for reading.

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