April 17, 2005

How come?

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I was just wondering...

How come a pair of socks goes into the washing machine and only one lone sock comes out?

How come guys with the nickname 'Tiny' never are?

How come there's always plenty of Tylenol, chicken soup and sore throat drops in the house until you actually get sick?

How come when you're waiting for a phone call, the phone never rings until you're in the bathroom or otherwise occupied?

How come the worse the weather is the longer it takes your dog to find just the right spot to pee?

How come it's not illegal to be a total asshat?

How come small relatives can't remember what they did with your credit card, which they were pretending was a racecar... and yet when you discover it floating in the toilet, they not only recall with great clarity, but repeat with perfect diction to their parents, the word you said when you saw it?

How come the week you get a nasty stomach flu with Exorcist-style vomiting is the same week the water company shuts you off?

How come the neighbors look at you funny when you show up with a large, empty pot and want to borrow some water?

How come Paypal's customer service sucks?

How come those old ditto-paper worksheets you got back in elementary school always smelled like chocolate milk?

How come people keep searching for smurf porn and ending up at my diary? (And did I just answer my own question?)

Y'all have a great weekend and thanks for reading.

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