31 August 2007

Vacation on the Islets...

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I'm seeing Rob Zombie's version of Halloween with friends this weekend. Since it's a remake of the original I doubt I'll need to worry much about spoiler alerts when I write a review of it. (Unless you've never seen the original in which case... for shaaaame! And you call yourself a horror movie fan! Well... okay, for all I know you call yourself Stinky Wizzeltiegs. Either way, if you've never watched the '78 classic go watch it right now! It's like someone managed to distill Halloween into a beaker of shimmering pumpkin innards, black nights with wispy grey clouds sliding over the moon and crispy red, orange and yellow leaves and captured the whole thing on film. (Well... that and some stabby stabby. What can I say? I like the stabby stabby.)

In other news my kidneys are once more trying to do me in. I finished a round of Cipro for infection but it rallied and came back for more. (With the theme from Rocky no doubt echoing madly all along the islets of Langerhans.* Ha! Who says memorizing random obscure body bits for nursing school was a waste of time? You never know when that kind of thing will come in handy.)

Whenever I'm sick or hurting one of my favorite ways to feel better is the literary version of comfort food. Favorite old books. I was in the middle of one such book when I came across a quote that made me giggle too much not to share it with the world at large (or, failing that, with at least the poor, doomed souls who read my rambling on here). So here it is. And if you recognize it and know what book it's from - I think I love you. :)

"His clothes flew off behind him as the hallways echoed with jubilant proclamations about the superiority of underwear."

All hail the goodness of all that is pre-shrunk and cottony. Over and out.

*Holy shit! I even remembered how to spell it right! Anyway, if you're morbidly curious here's the lowdown on the body part that wins first prize in the "sounds most like a European cruise destination" contest: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Islets_of_Langerhans

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