22 March 2006

Sometimes words say it better

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Move along. Nothing to see here except my bad poetry. I don't write poetry very often, and never post it when I do. But writing this really helped me tonight and whenever I read poems in other diaries they either give me more insight into the author or strike a chord and make me feel less alone. So here's hoping my poem does the same for somebody out there.

Team Square
i am burning
for what is far away
people i can never reach
places so long gone
so long before today

all i have to do
is slowly close my eyes
i can almost smell those places
reach out and touch their hands
wish i could have said my goodbyes

go ahead and call me strong
and make sure you tell me how
you wish you could be like me
and my constant smiles
wish i was anyone else right now

don't know if
i ever want this pain
to finally fade away
it might hurt more to forget
than to cry these tears in vain

Have a great Hump Day *snicker* and thanks for reading.

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