01 August 2006

Livid Tangerine!

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My updates suck like a Hoover with a warp drive as of late. Sorry about that, I'm still adjusting to doing night shift. It's better for me than the early shifts I used to do at the restaurant. I've got far more energy in the evening and if I don't have to get up early my body is a lot less prickly and uncooperative, healthwise.

One of the weirder things they've discovered about CFS is that if you have it, your body doesn't go into REM sleep as quickly as it should. Which is one reason why you don't get restful sleep during flare-ups. Since it can take your body so much longer to fall into a deep sleep, getting up really early increases your sleep debt increases (overdrawn at the sleep bank, baby! But at least you can take comfort in knowing your brain won't butt-ravage you with penalty fees like Bank of America)and you feel even worse. And now that I've bored you silly, my work here is done. Heh.

On a far more entertaining note, I want to share some of the funniest sites on the 'net. These guys deserve the plugs, man. So check 'em out:

Seanbaby on the villains who fought the SuperFriends: "There are four year olds mixing household chemicals who are accidentally deadlier super villains than Scarecrow."

The indefatigueable Albtert Walker of The Agony Booth: "Then it turns into a man-sized cartoon, which then becomes a caped man floating in space in the fetal position. Wow. A small part of my soul just died from watching that."

Shadow of the B-Movie Graveyard in his review of Fulci's House by the Cemetery: "I think when this happens, locals renaming some old house in order to hide it's sordid past, it is a very compelling reason to get your ass out of dodge. Plus such ploys never work. A new name doesn't mean that whatever evil force is inhabiting the place is going to move out. Just as re-naming The White House Dumb-Dumb Central isn't gonna get Dubbya out any sooner."

X-Entertainment's Matt, who loves 80s commercials more than is probably healthy runs one of the best sites around. He makes me laugh out loud every damn time he updates. This is a quote from his Spider-Man action figure (with roughly 16,000 points of articulations, kids!) who agreed to review all 64 of Crayola's crayons that appeared in the Big Box: "Haha, as if "Vivid Tangerine" isn't a wacky enough name in of itself, there's a small dent in the wrapper that makes it look more like "Livid Tangerine." And the thought of a tangerine being pissed off makes me want to find a more frequent use for this shitty color that I would otherwise never pluck from the box again. Livid Tangerine!"

I wonder what would piss off a Tangerine, anyway? It's hard to say with fruit. You never know what will set them off. I told a knock-knock joke to a banana the other day and it flew off the handle. Your basic Musa paradisiaca has very little sense of humor.

Have a great night and thanks for reading.

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