May 23, 2004


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Bills are coming due here left and right. It's just a bad month, moneywise. My credit union turned me down for a $500 loan. This despite the fact that Donald Duck could wipe his ass with thousand dollar bills, were he so inclined. But Diznee doesn't like to take a financial risk unless it involves inferior animated sequels.

I was looking at the sky tonight. It's amazing, isn't it? Outer space isn't "up" or "out there" - it's our home. We live among the stars. Every second we're taking part in the dance of planets around our Sun. Yet life is busy and we so rarely stop and marvel at it. It's hard to strike a balance. I know the right place is somewhere between taking it all for granted and stopping everything to stand in open-mouthed awe at the wonder of our existence.

As my mind wandered down that path, I realized how strange it is that you can't look at the sun. We all know it, almost instinctively. It can actually blind you. And yet, imagine how strange that would seem if it were a work of fiction. A society living in a world with an immense orb capable of blinding them. Not only that, but despite it's life-giving properties, if they were to go and stand at their ocean, beneath the orb, for all the afternoon hours unprotected, it would give them third degree burns. But do they panic in the streets? Do they life in fear of it? No. They simply don't look at it. They create products to protect themselves from being burnt. They appreciate it for its warmth and beauty. When it can be gazed upon safely, they watch it rise and fall. Amazing.

Have a good night and thanks for reading.

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