14 May 2006

Restaurant Hell

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Happy Mother's Day to all the wonderful d*land mamas. I'd give every one of you pink roses and warm hugs if I could. Now please stop reading here so as not to ruin the warm fuzzy vibes, k? In fact, nobody really needs to read on. This is strictly me venting about a really, really bad day. Come back tomorrow when I'll have a decent entry instead of the shameless whine-a-palooza that is today's offering. You have been warned.

I will never, EVER work at the restaurant on Mother's Day again. I am fully willing to break my own arm to get out of it. We were on a 60 minute wait by noon. I was at the door taking names and information and handing out pagers. And all day long people yelled in my face and blamed me for the long wait. And I mean they literally. yelled. in. my. face. Most of the yellers threatened to never come to the restaurant again (Oh, please. I beg you! Not that! Please don't say you'll never bring your rude, half-witted self back to my place of business! Oh whatever will we do without you!?) One happy little camper demanded to speak to my boss and wanted me fired because I sat a party of THREE who were willing to sit anywhere ahead of their party of NINE who would not sit near the bar and would not take a table - it had to be a booth.

If that wasn't enough fun, I'm still bleeding and [IF YOU ARE SQUEAMISH PLEASE DO NOT READ THE REST OF THIS SENTENCE - I'M NOT KIDDING] I've got bladder adhesions so every couple hours I had to get someone to take over for me so I could run to the bathroom. I'm losing blood from the regular route but also from inside my bladder. Peeing hurts slightly less than passing the kidney stone did. It made me want to scream.

The whole day was made worse by the fact that I'm already so stressed out about the money situation. I want to cry, scream and throw things. But I made it through the day and it's possible my tip shares will be enough to pay Sprint and keep the phone from being shut off. If I lose the phone I lose contact with D., and that's unacceptable. I was into overtime so for about three hours I was making time and a half. Mom and I both get paid this Friday. I don't know how close to making the rent we're going to be. And I can't really think about it. Because there's nothing I can do. Worrying about it isn't going to help.

Now if y'all will excuse me, the pain med is making me too dizzy to sit upright and I want to spend some of Mom's Day giving love and attention to my adopted babies - the feathery ones.

Hope your Mom's Day was great and thank you for reading.

P.S. I spent yesterday's tip shares. Fuck the bills. I bought my mom a card, her favorite hot peanuts and a giant bag of gum. Which is special to her for reasons that can't really be explained. It's a me-and-my-mama thing, man. You wouldn't understand. I am lucky enough to have the best mom in the world. She's one of my best friends, my partner-in-crime and my hero. I know that when the time is right my body will be a safe, perfect place to shelter a baby and I'll be a mama. And when I am, if I can be even half as good a mom as she is, I'll consider myself a raging success.

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