March 21, 2002

Snake Lady

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How cool was my day? Thought you'd never ask. Let me start at the beginning. I was at work today and the supervisor asked Celia to go do what they call the informal snake show because the lines were all backed up. So Celia says "No! I am not a snake lady! Bleucch!" Then she looks at me and says "Are you a Snake lady? Want to do a Snake show?" I replied "Um... I don't know if I can do a show, but I love snakes." Turns out, the "show" is just walking around the park and the line of people to get in with a python draped around your neck. You talk about the snake, answer questions, invite people to touch the snake. How COOL is that!?! I'm still on Cloud nine. After a few minutes of mutual awkwardness, the snake and I felt very comfy with each other.

I went back in the outdoor break room to have a soda, Anita was still wrapped around me. I was leaning against the fence and she decided to wander down my leg, then back up onto my shoulders and I must admit, having a snake slither down your hips and back up makes you feel pretty damn sexy.

Have a great night and thanks for reading.

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