Nov. 27, 2001

Grim Tradition

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We've all seen those crosses and wreaths of flowers beside highways to mark where people have been killed. In Orlando, there are a large number of them and I learned something about one of them that disturbed me. It marks the spot where someone got drunk and drove into a bridge wall. That strikes me as being overly morbid and a bit senseless. It's not as if it's needed as a warning to slow down. Someone chose to drink a lot of alcohol and then go speeding down a highway. It's a tragedy and I'm genuinely sorry for the people affected but driving drunk is hazardous whether you're on a four lane highway or a dirt road.

I mean, if Joe Q. Public were to keel over in the local 7-11, nobody would see fit to erect a memorial between the Slushee machine and the potato chip aisle. If Jack T. Chick were to bite the dust while enjoying a Happy Meal nobody would bring flowers to the local McDonald's. So why all the crosses on the road? Is it somehow more of a tragedy to die there than anyplace else? Seeing the memorials there doesn't make me drive any more carefully. All it really does is distract and disturb me. And I can't be the only one.

Have a good night, d*land.

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