April 23, 2002

Have you hugged a Rattlesnake today?

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Woodstock is sitting on my lap while I'm typing. If this entry should end abruptly it's due to sudden moisture and humidity. (In other words, it'll be because the Guinea Pig has peed upon my person...)

I'm back to work with all my critters. I got to give a guided tour of our snake enclosures and talk about Rattlesnakes today. Didja know:

Rattlesnakes give live birth and mama snake will stay with the babies until after their first shed.

Baby rattlers aren't born with rattles. After each shed, they get one rattle and if you hear a very highpitched rattling it's probably a baby with only 2 or 3 rattles!

Baby rattlers are just as venemous as their parents the second they hatch.

Rattlesnakes are pit vipers. You can see their pits between their eye and nostril on either side. They allow the snake to sense bodyheat.

A Rattlesnake is capable of giving a "dry" bite, in which no venom is injected. They don't usually want to waste a lot of venom on a human being because we're far too big for them to eat. Unfortunately, even a small amount of Rattlesnake venom can be fatal.

Snakes of all kinds may be aggresive when harassed or attacked, but they aren't malicious. They deserve our respect, but not our fear or hatred

Fun Things To Do At The Beach

Wear adult sized waterwings and be sure to flop around in the water screaming "I can't swim! I can't swim!"

Scream shark while at a fresh water lake.

Get a big blow up animal and start getting frisky with it.

Build sandcastles EVERYWHERE. Create detours around them and cry when they are kicked over.

Hand out pamphlets about dangerous Jellyfish attacks. Scream at small children that it will happen to them.

Play beach volleyball with yourself and keep score. Cheat a lot.

Instead of having your chair face the water, turn it and face it at the closest person.

Go swimming, come back and accuse the closest person of stealing your underwear while you were gone.

courtesy of InsaneDomain

Since I've spent the better part of my day mucking around with Goats and Llamas, snuggling small Alligators, handling Snakes and hosing down piles of Bear shit, I'm off to take a long, hot shower. Mmmmmmm, bliss. Have a great day.

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