05 August 2006

A Peek Inside

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It never occurs to me to take pictures of things I see every day. But while going through the pics in some of my favorite diaries, it hit me that I love seeing where my favorite d*land writers live, and seeing the things they see every day. It's a really cool peek inside their world. So I figured I'd share some photos with you guys.

Here's the trunk of one of the palm trees in the backyard, complete with the cool little face my dad bought for it at Wal*Mart:

View of the same palm tree against the night sky:

Little fountain that's sat in the screen porch forever. It used to sit on the back porch of the house back in Massachusetts too:

Those bubbles are remnants of the time, about three years ago, when it was washed. It's like haunted soap, man. It never goes away.

I recently got the trial version of Photoshop. So naturally I had to play with it. Here's a stylized version of a pic Delight took of me by the palm I bought when we first moved down here. Damn thing's bigger than I am now! (They grow up so fast. *sniff*):

And since I've shown you everything else, here's a fancy version of the kitchen sink:

I'm off to play catch-up with diaries now. Have a great night and thanks for reading.

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