September 22, 2003

Yellow newsprint memories

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10 things I am old enough to remember:

-Going to the Drive-In in my pajamas and playing on the playground before the movie started.

-When Betamax and VHS were in a struggle for dominance.

-When Microwave ovens were new.

-When you had to actually get up to change the channel.

-The Cold War

-The fall of the Berlin Wall.

-When a candy bar cost 35 cents.

-When there was no AOL *gasp!*

-Rotory-dial telephones.

-When huge, cumbersome video cameras that went for upwards of $1000 were the only option if you wanted to make home movies.

10 things I am too young to remember:

-Radio shows

-The Vietnam War

-When The Brady Bunch wasn't syndicated.

-Johnny Carson

-When TV went color

-Marlon Brando not being associated with "The Godfather"

-Peace signs and bell bottoms the first time around.

-When Frankenstein was scary.

-Computers the size of an entire room.

-The Apollo missions.

Have a great day. Thanks for reading.

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