25 October 2006


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This time of year it's dangerous for me to go into a drugstore. Or any store, for that matter. Even the gas stations sell odd Halloweeny things. And I... I can't resist! The power of cheap Halloween toys compels meeeeee! I swear I only meant to get Tylenol and light bulbs but I ended up with some new spooky friends:

I did ask Jason where he got the tiny chainsaw. He said he woke up with it in a hotel in Vegas. Then Leatherface came out of the bathroom wearing a wedding dress and he swore he'd never drink Saki again.

I'm drinkin' my orange soda out of this bad boy as we speak!

This one I got last year (I think) but it was another impulse buy. But c'mon. That Mummy is gratuitously cute!

I recently got a MySpace page (The profile's private since I am not a fan of stalkers. But if y'all want to find me I'm here: Livingdeadgirl976) so naturally I had to do the obligatory mirror pic. I actually did the painting/decorating in the bathroom. It was an anniversary gift for my mom and dad. I did the whole bathroom over in a rubber ducky them. For once, I was glad we've got a teeny, tiny bathroom. I hate putting up borders. Anyway, here's the pic:

In other news, I found a lost doggy hiding under the bench on my front porch this evening. Long little string bean of a poodle puppy, she reminded me of Aph. She had on a rabies tag and a little heart shaped tag with her people's phone number on it. I called and didn't get an answer so I brought her in and got some food and water for her. Tried the number again a while later and it turns out her people had lost her while visiting friends and searched all day before finally giving up for the night. They came and got her and there was much hugging and tail-wagging all around. I wanted to share her with you guys so I got a pic of her making herself very much at home in my bedroom:

Happy Halloween my fiends, and thank you for reading. Note: MORE Halloweeny goodness shall be forthcoming!

P.S. My new virtual pet Spider, Vincent, says hello. If you click the little tab that says "More" you can feed him flies!

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