March 20, 2004


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My uncle Sonny died today. He was such a great person, with a great sense of humor. My first memories of him are of this gigantic guy who never minded me dragging half a dozen stuffed animals out to his kitchen table to play school. I'd set them up in all his kitchen chairs and play for hours. He always seemed larger than life to me when I was little.

Later on, I always felt safe around him. He was one of the few men in my family I've always felt comfortable around. He had a great laugh. I'm really going to miss hearing it. It feels so wrong that I won't get to hear it again. I understand the phrase heavy hearted now, because that's exactly how I'm feeling.

I do believe that death isn't the end of our souls, that we go on. I know that wherever he's gone to, it's a good place, because he was a good man. I love you, Sonny. I'll miss you.

Have a good night and thank you for reading.

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