23 June 2008

Long Night

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An update! And it hasn't even been a month! There is hope for me yet. I did an update elsewhere (see below) and this was yet again day six of a six-days-in-a-row stretch at work and I'm crashing soon. But I wanted to say thank you here to everyone who left me a comment. Your words were a warm blanket to wrap around my heart.

We were supposed to get out of work around 10 tonight but major computer crash. Tech support from the corporate office basically reamed us out for daring to suggest that when all the registers say OFFLINE in bright red and won't accept debit cards (but oddly were taking credit - though only if we swiped on register itself - the little black machines were glaring impotently and balefully at us and not doing a damn thing) that perhaps we should accept only cash until the issue was resolved. "That's NOT your call!" The Corporate Ogre snarled. "If they're working you USE them. We don't need to lose money." Of course, at the end of the night both registers two hundreds of dollars short and the third was hundreds of dollars over. And none of the overs/unders were cash. ALL credit-related. Gee, who do you suppose the corporate office will blame for that? *sigh* I love the job but pretty much anytime you get "Corporate" involved in anything it's a lose/lose situation. They're so out-of-touch with reality. They have no idea how their idiocy affects the people who are out there doing the actual work involved. They just chortle to themselves over marvelous ideas that look great on paper but fail in the real world. /END RANT.

ANYWAY. We weren't able to get the registers to shut the hell down for the night and couldn't leave until they did. So we were there until close to midnight. When I finally got home and relaxed in the quiet, the sad hit me again. It's really hard to keep it at bay. I'm usually distracted all day by either work or (far, far more preferably!) play. But as soon as it's dark and quiet, it slams into me like a physical force and I can feel every jagged edge of my breaking heart.

Nothing to be done for it though. Only time and/or a chance in circumstance can heal this. I hope for the latter but willing to accept the former.

So the other update... I've just updated the naughty diary. It's here and if you wish to read drop me an email at livingdeadgrl1976@yahoo.com and I'll give you the password. But PLEASE only read if hard S&M stuff and nekkid pictures won't offend. That's mostly what goes on over there. I try to keep my writing on that aspect of my love/sex life to a PG-13 rating over here but it's XXX over there. heh.

Have a good night and thanks for reading.

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