03 July 2006


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Now I'm having a big problem
with my present-day career
My ship she has a rudder
but I don't know where to steer
Am I country, pop, or rock'n'roll,
I know they are related
I'll just let you be the judge
it's simply complicated

Life is complicated
with it's ifs and ands and buts
It's alright to be crazy
just don't let it drive you nuts

-Jimmy Buffett "Life is Complicated"

So, just when I finally decide to stop trying for something I've wanted that seems far out of reach, the universe pulls a fast one on me.

There's a critical teacher shortage here right now. They're looking for early elementary classroom aides. And there's a program where you can have student loans that you owe forgiven if you take classes to become a teacher.

Aside from writing, which I consider my true vocation whether it earns me a million dollars or $17.25, the only things I've ever been passionate enough about to consider dedicating my working life to them are medicine and early childhood education. I've taken enough classes in both that I'm less than two years from a degree in either one.

I'm a firm believer in us all as the masters of our own fates. Nothing is writ in stone. But I also believe that sometimes the universe gives you a nudge. This feels like a nudge to me.

It would be hard going back to school, but I've worked and taken classes at the same time before. And unlike nursing, teaching has set hours. And since I have an actual agent now, and writing is likely to start earning me a decent income, having summers off to dedicate to my craft would be very nice. Not to mention weekends and school vacations. Maybe teaching is something that would work for me and my health.

I student-taught first grade during my last year of high school, and worked in a nursery school during college. Teaching, like any job, can be stressful, difficult and demanding. But being around kids, and watching them learn, seeing their excitement in the world around them, is something I really enjoy.

I applied online for the student loan forgiveness program. The only stipulations are that you've been a resident of this state for over a year and that you you agree to teach in an area affected by the shortage - and I happen to live in one of those areas. The deadline to apply for spring semester 2007 is December 2 so I have plenty of time.

So, yeah. I could easily be sailing into a storm here. But which is worse? To sail into a storm and maybe have to abandon ship or stay on shore and only dream of what might be just around the corner?

Have a great night and thanks for reading.

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