December 17, 2003

Christmas time is here....

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I just love the smells of Christmas.

-Pine trees
-Candy Canes
-Sugar Cookies
-Snow (although we don't get any here in the sunshine state, I remember the way the air smelled after a heavy snow.)
-Presents (Is that just me? I really think wrapping paper and tape have a scent all their own.)

And don't you just love getting the mail this time of year, and seeing Christmas cards waiting for you? I just love the stiff, colorful envelopes and bright, cheery cards with words of love from friends.

In other news, I've been noticing that the disturbing trend of "based on a true account" horror movies which purport to have taken place in West Virginia continues. Does the devil wipe his ass with that state or what? Aside from the enigmatic Mothman and a bunch of chromosomally challenged, killer hicks there are also, apparently, angry spirits of confederate soldiers lurking about. Damn. You know, I really want to go Mothman hunting. But then I'm quite the little weirdo. Heh.

Happy Holidays and thanks for reading.

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