25 March 2006

I Walk the Line

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I have a confession to make. I've been watching American Idol. I know, I know! But modern science has yet to find a cure. Thus I am left with my secret shame. On Tuesday and Wednesday evenings I've got a bowl of popcorn and I'm ready to cast my vote for Chris Daughtry.

Now, he's been my favorite since this season began. I've been a fan of alternative rock before half the western world knew who the hell Toad the Wet Sprocket, Buffalo Tom and the Gin Blossoms were. And Chris is the first alternative rocker I've seen on the show. I love his voice and style. But last week when he did that cover of Johnny Cash's I Walk the Line? Whoo-boy, I fell in lust. He made the song dark, sexual and romantic all at the same time. I wanna have his babies. Here, take a listen for yourself:

I Walk the Line
Performed by Chris Daughtry

As a writer, I often find certain songs either go well with something I've written or give me inspiration. Sometimes what the song inspires is based on the lyrics, but other times there's something about the mood and tone of it that sparks my creative juices. (And them 'aint the only juices his performance sparked in me! Mwa-hahahaha!). Anyway, for some reason his version of I Walk the Line gave me flashes of vampires stalking the cornfields and dusty roads of a Midwestern town during a hot summer. I see the only characters who become aware of the menace as an older teenage boy with a younger sister.

Is that completely bizarre, or do other writers get flashes of a story that way? Please tell me, I'm curious! Also, I'd love to hear what you think of the song. What mood/feel did you get from it?

In other news, next month is my Birthday! Woot! I'll be working on the actual day of it since it falls on a Thursday this year, but I've got that following week off so that I can spend it in Kentucky with my Dave. Good stuff.

Have a great weekend and thanks for reading.

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