October 04, 2004


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She just reminded me that I haven't told you all much of what Aph's been up to lately. She's doing fantastic. She was very put out during all the Hurricanes and flooding, since it meant we couldn't take our walks. I love walking with Aph. She absolutely refuses to walk on a leash. Believe me, I've tried. Ever been seen by your neighbors dragging your dog along the sidewalk by her harness while she does her not unimpressive imitation of a dead bug? It's a little embarrassing.

In our defense, Aph stays right beside me. I can always feel her fuzzy little side against my leg. If anyone else comes along or a car's coming I just tell her "Up!" and she stands on her hind feet with her front feet leaning on my leg, waiting for me to pick her up. Of course, she also does that when she thinks she can get away with turning our walk into a carry! (And yeah, she almost always does get away with that!)

Our favorite destination is the playground down the street. Once we're there, I can sit down in the grass and Aph can romp to her heart's content. She doesn't stray very far from me, and always comes wagging happily back to share her joy in all the smells she's found. She loves going on the swings. I like that, too. We usually go in the evening so there aren't a lot of kids. They inevitably want to pat her, and Aph's not sure that people under four feet tall are entirely trustworthy. She snuggles up on my lap with her head facing forward, into the wind, and I swing us gently back and forth. She puts her nose up, catching smells. After a while, the rhythm of swinging makes her sleepy and she puts her head on my arm and closes her eyes. However, if I stop swinging before she's had enough, she'll poke at my arm with her paw until I get us going again.

Aph was a long little stringbean of a puppy. I loved her then, but our bond is even stronger now. There's really nothing like the bond you share with an older doggy. In spite of her diabetes and losing her vision to the diabetic cataracts, she's so healthy and full of wiggles and joy. Aph sees with her heart, and that's the most important way to see.

"No matter how little money and how few possessions you own, having a dog makes you rich." - Louis Sabin

Have a great night and thanks for reading.

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