October 02, 2005

Halloween Dreams

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Not much change of season around here. Florida is either kinda hot, hot or really freaking hot. I've got all my Halloween decorations on display. 'Tis my favorite season. It's the only time of year when I miss New England. I miss the crisp leaves scratching across the pavement. I miss feeling the sharp coldness in the air through my favorite long-sleeved sweater. I miss the scent of candles in Pumpkins and fresh pencils that seemed to hang in the air all through September and October. That fresh pencils and shiny pink erasers school smell, of course, can only truly be enjoyed once you've been out of school for at least a decade.

This October is more than just my favorite season. It's the month when I get to see my beautiful LDG, my best friend and the other half of our shared soul. We may have grown up half the world away from each other, but my heart knew her from the first moment we met. She's my love, my sunshine, the one who holds the keys to my worlds, my heart, my mind, body and soul.

Happy Halloween to you all. You can be sure there are spooky entries afoot! Have a good weekend and thanks for reading.

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