May 17, 2004

Warm ocean breeze

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Mom and I spent the day at the ocean. Gulf of Mexico! We'd never been before, and it was amazing. We chose a beach at random from the map and headed out. Favorite CD cranked, beach-reading novels ('Meg' for me - a delicious killer shark story. Heh. And 'Traveler's Guide to Mars' for my mom.) There were easily less than 30 people on the whole beach, and the sea shells were everywhere. We filled a bag with tiny, crystalline treasures. I found one barely centimeters large. Hard to imagine the tiny creature that once lived within it.

After shell collecting, we decided to feed the seagulls. (Anyone else hear ominous music just then? Weird.)

No sooner had the first morsel of bread hit the sand when we were descended upon by Seagulls, Terns and a couple of dangerously optimistic Sandpipers. They crowded around us, squabbling amongst themselves, jockeying for position and generally fawning and screeching like Wang Chung fans at a reunion concert. There were probably about 40 little eyeballs trained on us. And they didn't leave when the bread ran out, either. They settled around us in a circle. I raised my hands and called "Go now, my pretties, and bring me back the head of mine enemies!" The birds were unconcerned. Our fellow beachgoers probably began to edge slowly away.

At one point, my mom wanted to try letting them have some of the bologna we had packed, but given how vastly they outnumbered us, I said we probably didn't want them getting a taste for meat. A few of them even snuck up behind us. When we caught them at it, they'd innocently fluff their feathers or find a sudden interest in picking at the sand.

We had one good, long walk down the shore and back. I'm exhausted and sore, but it was so worth it. I love the ocean. I can feel its pull on me. There's something about the warm sand and water that just soothes my soul.

Have a great night and thanks for reading.

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